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I was in business myself in the past & I can see that you have mastered a lot of what is required at a very young age. I wish you continued success & growth. Loretta

Just had a look at the Mind Maps you sent me, they’re excellent! Thanks for getting them to me so fast. Fiona
Many thanks for your email and thank you for making these maps available to other students. A lot of work went into them and my son is very pleased – we may be back to you to get some more! Clare

Thanks Tammy, You’ve done some hard work here, big fan of Tony Buzan. I’ll see how my son gets on with them, so I might come back for more. Many thanks – Patrick

Many thanks Tammy. Mind Maps received. Excellent service, best of luck with the business. Keith

Came across your site by accident when looking for some sort of information for my daughter on revising for Junior Cert (she’s only in 2nd Year). Will be purchasing tomorrow but think the samples are only fantastic!! Well done and I look forward to getting the rest when you have them ready. Kathy

Thanks Tammy, you are a great girl. They are great. I have told lots of people about them so hopefully you will get more business. Derval

Hi Tammy. Thanks for your quick response. It’s great to see such initiative in a young person. I’ll send you on a cheque for the French Notes and see how we get on with those. Ann

They are great Tammy, thank you so much. Orlagh

Thank you for sending all of the Mind Maps so quick. My daughter is finding the Mind Maps a great way of revising. Jane

Congratulations on your venture. Fiona

Great job. Ann

Thanks a million for a speedy service. The French and Maths notes are amazing. Congratulations on all your success to date. It’s brilliant to see such an innovative and creative idea like this, and at such a reasonable price. I am sure it won’t be long until you also provide Leaving Cert Mind Maps! Wishing you all the best in the future. Eve

Hi Tammy. My son is finding the Mindmaps great – you have done some fabulous work putting them all together with such detail. John

I purchased several of your mind maps today, seriously good work and well done for being so innovative. Clio

Dear Tammy, I read about your business in the paper today. I’m not doing the Junior Cert but I was really impressed and decided to buy some notes anyhow. Fair play to you, I hope it goes really well for you. Colin

I was very impressed with the article in yesterdays Irish Times – sounds super; you have put a huge amount if work into your project! Well done. Aine

Dear Tammy, I was given the job of printing your Mind Maps notes onto A3 paper by my daughter who is currently studying for her Junior Certificate. The reason why I am writing to you is to compliment you on your initiative and business acumen on making Mind Maps available to a wider audience. I understand you wish to study Medicine. I wish you every success in this regard. I have no doubt that opportunities will arise for you in future years, particularly in the area of new medical devices. I urge you to retain your initiative and ability to think differently – because Ireland needs people like you. John

My daughter took her Junior Cert last year and used some of your Mindmaps. She is now in Transition Year. I would be most interested in purchasing your Leaving Cert Mind Maps for the exams my daughter will take in the summer of 2013. Keep up the good work! I think your Mind Maps are great. Deirdre

Many thanks, finding the maps really useful. Deirdre

Hi Tammy, thank you so much for the free French upgrade. It’s a great job. Ann

Thanks Tammy, the Maps are great. Kathryn

I am a teacher and vastly impressed with your work. The package is very good value. Well done! You are proof that some sparks can survive in a system that often dampens enthusiasm and initiative. Breda

Thanks Tammy. My son finds them easy to learn, pads them out with a few notes and is doing great! Some of his teachers have put them on the board passing them off as their own work and he is disgusted with the dishonesty. Linda

My son has dyspraxia and so we have been working with mind maps via the Buzan software for many years now. You saved us a great deal of time and we are so grateful that you did this work. Michael

Hi Tammy. Many thanks for forwarding on the mind maps Tom was delighted with them. Keep up the good work. Mary

Hi Tammy. The maps are brilliant and my daughter really appreciates them especially now with the exams approaching. Linda

Hi Tammy. I discovered your product through the Mind Genius newsletter (I used Mind Genius extensively in my work as I’m a huge fan of the method). I’m helping my young niece with her school French and these maps seem to be an ideal tool. I’m also extremely impressed by your enterprising spirit. I’m sure many people have said you’ll go far! Irene

Hi Tammy. I sincerely thank you for sending my mind maps individually. With your mind maps, I hope I can achieve the grades I want! I will tell all my friends about your easy to use and helpful website. Aimee

Dear Tammy. Thanks very much for delivery of Junior Cert Mind Maps. I have successfully downloaded all PDF’s and I have no doubt my daughter will find them most helpful. Wishing you continued success with your future projects. Best wishes. Eva

Hi Tammy. Congratulations on your great success. I think your Junior Cert mind maps are fab. I have just purchased a full set for my nephew. Thanks again and best of luck with your leaving cert. Lorraine

Thank you so much Tammy, Just downloaded the mindmaps, so so impressed. Will be in contact again soon for more. Rose

PDF files received. I have read through all the notes/mindmaps – extremely thorough. Well done. I will see how my daughter gets on with these. Maybe I’ll be back to you for more! Many thanks. Regards Patricia

All your notes are proving very useful to Orlagh, thank you. Adrienne

Hi Tammy. Thanks a million for the mindmaps. They are brilliant. By the way they are worth a lot more for all the work you put into them. Martina

Hi Tammy. Congratulations – great idea to do mindmaps for the Junior Cert subjects. Caroline

Hi Tammy, Thank you for taking the time to both do the work and send on the Free CSPE Upgrades.Very professional. Eoin

Thanks very much Tammy – you are very good – the Mind Maps have been a great help to Therese as she suffers from autism. Regards Sean

Hi Tammy Thank you so much! Your mind maps are proving to be very useful here – as reflected in recent exam results. Kind Regards. Terrie

Many thanks Tammy and congrats again on a fantastic acheivement!! Kindest Regards, Ann

Incredible service…well done – Colin

Hi Tammy, I would like to thank you for the mind-maps, they are fantastic and I really appreciate all the hard work and effort you clearly put into them. Rachael

The Mind Maps are great! Many thanks. Marie

Hi Tammy. I just printed the Mind Maps off and they are very good. Thank you so much. Karen

Thanks a million Tammy, the mindmaps are brilliant. Therese

I bought the mind maps for my son who is starting 2nd year and my daughter who has completed her junior cert. I bought them for her so she can see how they work and understand them. I have to say they seem great and are very concise. Congrats to you on the great work and well done for your entrepreneurial mind to sell them. Mary

Thanks, Tammy. All received and downloaded.great work. They’re amazing. Caroline

I stumbled upon your amazing website and want to purchase some Geography Mind Maps. I am a teacher and want to show them to my students as I think they will be interested in them for other subjects. I think the Mindmaps are a brilliant way of remembering information. Your Mindmaps are better than the revision books that the **** publishing company do. If you had them reproduced in a book form in Eason’s I am sure you would sell more than the ****** **** book!! I will spread the word about your website. Clare

Thank you for Junior Cert Mindmaps – my son is waiting on his results but found your mindmaps invaluable. Regards Catherine