Mind Maps for Schools & Teachers

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Tammy with Tony Buzan - Mind Maps CreatorI was quite surprised that many of the people that purchase my Mind Maps are in fact teachers. It’s a real giveaway when they put in their first name as Mr. or Ms., rather than their given name. However, it’s more than okay for teachers to use Mind Mapping as a teaching aid. I am really happy to see progressive teachers embracing Mind Mapping as a structured way of teaching and learning. Currently, teachers may use my Mind Maps in class using overhead projectors without infringing my copyright, just so long as they do not print and distribute them to students. Regrettably, some teachers have actually photo-copied and illegally distributed my Mind Maps to students in their classes; a practice which is a really poor example for young people in school.

Mind Maps Licenses for Schools & Teachers

I can now make the Mind Maps available in MindGenius format so that there is a licensed mechanism for teachers to use my materials without breaching copyright. This will allow teachers to download a free copy of MindGenius Viewer onto their computer/laptop and to display the Mind Maps in native Mind Mapping format on overheads. This facilitates revealing information within each Mind Map one branch or one level at a time. Teachers are allowed to use the workbook versions as a home study aid and can print off these versions for homework assignments for students, or for testing student knowledge in class. Please note that teachers may not photocopy or distribute the completed student versions to students as this would be in breach of my copyright, and I take this very seriously.

I will also be considering offering school licences on an individual school basis. These school licences will offer unlimited distribution of Student versions of all Mind Maps within a school, for an agreed period. Please contact me by email on the contact form if your school is interested in availing of this option.