Who is Tammy Strickland?

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Hi Everybody. I’m Tammy Strickland, a recently graduated Leaving Cert student in the Institute of Education in Dublin. I have created this website, and its sister site www.LeavingCertMindMaps.ie, to share my personal study notes with other students who are facing the Leaving Cert and Junior Cert public examinations in Ireland. I was lucky enough to learn a study technique, known as Mind Mapping, before starting secondary school and this has allowed me to summarise the entire curriculum in my chosen subjects for both Leaving Cert and Junior Cert in Mind Mapping format. Mind Maps are a terrific way of summarising vast amounts of information in a structured way that aids memorising and recall. They work really well for the vast majority of students as well as being particularly useful for students that have assisted learning needs.

Two years ago, I released my Mind Maps for Junior Cert to fellow students and the uptake has been great. Not only do students buy them, but so too do teachers. Many students have come back to tell me how useful they are and how the Mind Maps have helped them achieve higher grades in their exams. Having completed my own Leaving Cert in June 2012, I am now preparing to make my Leaving Cert Mind Map summaries available to students that have yet to face the challenge of sitting the Leaving Certificate.

Tammy Strickland

Tammy Strickland – Creator JuniorCertMind Maps.ie