Mind Maps For Junior Cert Students

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Tammy with Tony Buzan - Mind Maps Creator

Tammy with Tony Buzan – Mind Maps Creator

Let’s face it, even with the proposed changes to the Junior Cert recently introduced by the Minister for Education, there is still a lot of work involved in preparing for the Junior Cert. It’s not easy and the pressure it generates can be a pain. There is a way to ease the burden though and still achieve fantastic results. Give Mind Mapping a try.

Go to any of the subject pages and download one of my free sample Mind Maps. Can you imagine having a picture of this Mind Map in your head when you go to sit your Junior Cert exam next June? I am sure you can. What you can see is a visual representation of the chapter, and all it contains, on a single page. If you revise this one hour after completing it, revisit it one day later, then after one week and finally after one month, you will find that the entire Mind Map is ingrained in your long-term memory. It is a simple 5 visit process to get the Mind Map from short-term memory to long-term memory. Your brain operates in a visual way and you are now feeding it in a way that allows it to file and categorise information in the way that suits it best. Can you see how easy it is to remember the course content when it can be seen as the branches of a tree?

So what? Well, I have personally used Mind Mapping to summarise the entire Junior Cert Courses in 10 different subjects and I am currently working on doing the same for the Leaving Cert. I completed my Leaving Cert in 2012, and was lucky enough to get 605 points by using Mind Maps as a study aid. I am absolutely convinced that using Mind Maps as a study aid can make a huge difference to your results. I have decided to share my Junior Cert Mind Maps and Leaving Cert Mind Maps with other students, who can benefit significantly from the course summaries that I have created. This is not meant to be a shortcut so that you no longer have to do the work. Rather, it is a structured summary of all you need to know in each subject in order to achieve straight “A’s” in your Junior Cert and eventually your Leaving Cert. It is a powerful revision aid that will allow you to focus on what is important for supercharging your exam performance. Check out some of the customer testimonials in the “About Us” section to get a flavour of how buyers are reacting to this new and innovative study tool.

If you are doing the Junior Cert in 2016 or even 2017, don’t wait until April or May next year to start studying smarter. Start right now. The sooner you become familiar with using Mind Maps, the easier your exam preparation will be. Surprise yourself and your parents with the significant jump in your grades. Lose the stress and get ahead of the pack now.