Junior Cert Science Mind Maps

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The Entire Junior Cert Science Course is Summarised in the Following 80 Mindmaps

  • Biology Notes: A variety of Living Things
  • Biology Notes: Cells
  • Biology Notes: Food
  • Biology Notes: The Digestive System (2 MindMAps)
  • Biology Notes: Respiration and Breathing
  • Biology Notes: The Circulatory System (3 Mind Maps)
  • Biology Notes: Excretion
  • Biology Notes: Support, Protection and Movement (2 Mind Maps)
  • Biology Notes: Sensitivity and Co-ordination
  • Biology Notes: Reproduction (2 Mind Maps)
  • Biology Notes: Genetics
  • Biology Notes: Plants
  • Biology Notes: Photosynthesis
  • Biology Notes: Transport in Plants
  • Biology Notes: Responsiveness in Plants
  • Biology Notes: Plant Reproduction (2 Mind Maps)
  • Biology Notes: Ecology
  • Biology Notes: Conservation and Pollution
  • Biology Notes: Habitat and Field Study
  • Biology Notes: Microbiology (4 Mind Maps)
  • Chemistry Notes: Starting Chemistry
  • Chemistry Notes: Metals
  • Chemistry Notes: Different Sorts of Changes
  • Chemistry Notes: Compounds and Mixtures
  • Chemistry Notes: Separating Mixtures
  • Chemistry Notes: Acids and Bases (2 Mind Maps)
  • Chemistry Notes: The Air We Breathe (2 Mind Maps)
  • Chemistry Notes: Carbon Dioxide (2 Mind Maps)
  • Chemistry Notes: Water (2 Mind Maps)
  • Chemistry Notes: Hard and Soft Water
  • Chemistry Notes: Elements and Compounds – Atoms and Molecules
  • Chemistry Notes: How do Elements Form Compounds? (2 Mind Maps)
  • Chemistry Notes: Plastics
  • Chemistry Notes: Fossil Fuels and Acid Rain
  • Chemistry Notes: Rust and Rusting
  • Chemistry Notes: How Reactive Are Metals?
  • Chemistry Notes: Elements Can Be Grouped Together (2 Mind Maps)
  • Physics Notes: Matter
  • Physics Notes: Energy (3 Mind Maps)
  • Physics Notes: Energy Sources
  • Physics Notes: Mass and Density
  • Physics Notes: Force, Weight and WorkPhysics Notes: Motion
  • Physics Notes: Centre of Gravity
  • Physics Notes: Pressure
  • Physics Notes: Heat
  • Physics Notes: Measurement (2 Mind Maps)
  • Physics Notes: Electricity (3 Mind Maps)
  • Physics Notes: Ohms Law
  • Physics Notes: The Uses of Electricity
  • Physics Notes: Magnetism
  • Physics Notes: Static Electricity
  • Physics Notes: Diodes
  • Physics Notes: Sound (2 Mind Maps)
  • Physics Notes: Light (2 Mind Maps)
  • Physics Notes: The Movement of Heat (Mind Maps)
  • Physics Notes: Latent Heat

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