Junior Cert French Mind Maps

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The Entire Junior Cert French Course is Summarised in the Following 51 Mind Maps

  • French Vocabulary: L’école (School) – (2 Mind Maps)
  • French Vocabulary: L’heure (Time)
  • French Vocabulary: Les Nombres (Numbers) – (2 Mind Maps)
  • French Vocabulary: Je Me Présente (Presenting Oneself)
  • French Vocabulary: La Maison (Home)
  • French Vocabulary: La Ville (Town) – (2 Mind Maps)
  • French Vocabulary: Le Travail (Work)
  • French Vocabulary: Le Sport (Sport)
  • French Vocabulary: La Météo (Weather)
  • French Vocabulary: Les Animaux (Animals)
  • French Vocabulary: La Nourriture (Food)
  • French Vocabulary: La Santé (Body)
  • French Vocabulary: La Mode et Les Medias (Fashion & Media)
  • French Vocabulary: Les Copains et Les Sentiments (Friends & Feelings)
  • French Vocabulary: Le Week-end (Weekend)
  • French Vocabulary: Mes Vacances (Holidays) – (2 Mind Maps)
  • French Vocabulary: Mes Temps Libres (Free Time)
  • French Vocabulary: Les Informations (News)
  • French Vocabulary: Les Annonces, La Gare et Le Voyage (Announcements/ Station/Travel)
  • French Vocabulary: French Vocabulary: Des Reservations et Conversations au Telephone (Reservations/conversations on the phone)
  • French Grammar : Le Présent (The Present Tense) Regular Verbs
  • French Grammar : Le Présent (The Present Tense) Irregular Verbs – (2 Mind Maps)
  • French Grammar : Le Futur Proche (The Near Future)
  • French Grammar: Le Futur Simple (The Future Tense) – (2 Mind Maps)
  • French Grammar: Le Passé Récent (The Recent Past)
  • French Grammar : Le Passé Compose (The Past Tense) – (2 Mind Maps)
  • French Grammar: L’Imparfait (Imperfect Tense)
  • French Grammar : Reflexive Verbs
  • French Grammar : Les Forms Interrogatives : The Interrogative Form
  • French Grammar : Les Adjectifs : Adjectives – (2 Mind Maps)
  • French Grammar : L’Impėratif – Imperative Form
  • French Grammar : Le Comparatif & Le Superlatif – Comparison
  • French Written Work: Formal Letters in French – (2 Mind Maps)
  • French Written Work: Informal Letters in French – (4 Mind Maps)
  • French Written Work: Postcards in French – (3 Mind Maps)
  • French Written Work: Notes/Messages/Emails in French – (2 Mind Maps)

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