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Because of the popularity of the Website and the huge amount of Mindmaps being sent to people every day, I have automated the system so that your order is processed immediately upon completion of payment through PayPal.

This means that you should get your download codes, for all purchased Mind Maps, in an email from me within minutes of placing your order. If for some strange reason you do not receive your download codes within 15 minutes, it is most likely because your email system has either placed my email to you in a Junk Mail folder or your firewall settings have stopped the email reaching you. If this happens, check your Junk Mail folder first.

If my email is not there, please email me immediately at to let me know that you have not received your Mind Maps. Please include a telephone number where I can contact you so I can troubleshoot the problem with you. I promise to resolve any difficulties and get your Mind Maps to you within 24 hours during school term time.

As is normal with purchases of all eBooks, we do not accept returns of electronic content (which is impossible) and therefore we do not issue refunds. The MindMaps are my own personal Junior Cert study notes and they are sold as is.  No warranties in relation to the content are offered or implied.